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earrings, Silver Lucky Cat Earrings Maneki Neko



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These silver lucky cats earring set are adorable. What really makes them unique is they have detailing on the front and the black.\r\rThe Maneki Neko means beckoning cat is believed to bring good luck to the owner. They are generally made from porcelain or ceramic. This one is made from metal. If following this belief, then they should bring GREAT luck to your day :)\r\rRead more at Wikipedia:\r\r\rThe ear wires are made with surgical steel. I have .925 earwires available for purchase at https://www./listing/151214065/set-of-sterling-silver-ear-wires. I will swap the wires at no extra charge.\r\rThe earrings will come in a protective gift box. They will ship out the same or next day after payment., pewter

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