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14kt, Emerald green chalcedony briolette add a charm on 14k gold-filled clasp



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GUARANTEED HANDMADE: All my jewelry is designed and created by my hands.Gorgeous emerald green chalcedony heart briolette dangles from 14k gold-filled spring ring clasp. Perfect addition to any charm bracelet or necklace. Closed ring version works best to slide onto a necklace; clasp version is great for either necklaces or charm bracelets and allows you to place charm anywhere you want to on the chain.Bead is 11mmClasp is 5.5mmTotal is approx. 21mmChalcedony is a type of quartz that comes in many colors. It is said to gently relieve depression and improve one's frame of mind. It is used to lessen hostility and bring emotional stability., charm

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