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belt bucke, Solid silver classic custom belt buckle of Salvatore Giuliano handmade



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Dear Customers, please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemics, the delivery to the US takes 6-8 weeks, to the EU: about 2 weeksAn exact replica of the belt buckle belonged to the national hero of Sicily, famous Sicilian brigand of 1940-s, the legendary robber, the last "Robin Hood" - Salvatore "Turi" (Turridu) Giuliano. There was a book "The Sicilian" by Mario Puzo, and the eponymous movie with Christopher Lambert in the lead role, dedicated to Salvatore Giuliano. In 1949, Giuliano ordered to the famous jeweller Florentino from Palermo three buckles with the coat of arms. The design of the coat of arms was elaborated personally by Giuliano. The middle part of the crest he borrowed from an old coat of arms of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. On the left side we can see the heraldic fighting eagle, and on the right - a heraldic fighting lion. As explained the symbolism of the coat of arms Giuliano himself, posing for the famous photographer Ivo Meldolezi in 1950: "Lion - is the strength and courage, and the eagle is wisdom\u00bb. One buckle he wore himself, and two other buckles he gave to his close friends, Gaspare Piscotta and Nunzio Badalamenti. In 1950, Salvatore Giuliano, was killed. In the description of personal belongings of Giuliano compiled by police, are his gold watch and a belt buckle with the coat of arms. The buckles belonging to Pisciotta and Badalamenti have sunk into oblivion, and their fate is unknown. But with the buckle owned by Giuliano there was an amazing and intriguing story. For many years this buckle was stored in the Rome forensic museum. But in November 2006, there occurred audacious theft. Only two items were missing - Giuliano's gold watch and his belt buckle. Probably, today it is stored at home of some collector or Giuliano's admirer. But we have decided to save this unique historical artefact from oblivion.Please, note: This unique piece of jewellery is available only from DIONISIO ZAPATERO workshopLength: 3,3" (84\u043c\u043c)Width: 2" (50\u043c\u043c)Thickness: 3\u043c\u043cWeight: 100gHandmade from solid 925 silver. Also available in bronze, and with different genuine gems.The belt is not included.Shipping from Latvia (EU) with Registered Airmail or EMS (optional)Please, visit our store:, trinacria

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