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Time Capsule, Volume Four "Eclipse."This unique geometric abstract art pendant was handmade from polymer clay. The 1.5 inch long capsule shape plays with contrasting textures and colors that are magnified by glassy resin. This is the fourth of a series of pendants I have begun making titled 'Time Capsule,' and will be a playful and unique exploration of the relationship between opposing hues and patterns.This unique polymer clay piece is handmade from polymer clay, powder pigments, and alcohol based inks. After baking, liquid resin was applied and cured in the bright sunlight. Blues, purples, silver and copper make a striking combination on a futuristic looking design. I chose a brown satin nylon cord and black wood beads to compliment the piece, but stay in the background. This is not necessarily set in stone though-if you would prefer this to be strung a different way, just send me a convo with your custom request.The lobster claw clasp and chain are brass, trimmed with a single glass purple bead. The necklace adjusts between 17 and 19 inches., abstract art pendant

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