Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blue ammolite, Ammolite Pendant.Ammolite necklace.Ammolite jewelry.Blue ammolite.Ammolite from Canada.Canadian ammolite.#102429



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Ammolites and sapphires go well together as can be seen in this gorgeous pendant.Canadian ammolite--the best there is!The ammolite.This ammolite measures 14x10mm and contains the much loved ammolite rainbow in bright rich colours.The centre band varies from a rich green to a lovely turquoise depending on light source and angle--a lovely feature.Blue ammolite is on of ammolites rarer colors.The setting.A nicely designed rope edged setting of sterling silver suspended from a hand made bail that contains two natural blue sapphires set in the lucky figure 8.Beauty and potential good luck at the same time!A thoughtful birthday gift?---anniversary gift?, canadian ammolite

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