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our bracelets are created with actual vintage typewriter keysplucked from various brands originally in use at least 60 years ago ~we cut, grind, clean and shine every single one of the keys\u200bprior to recycling them into an oxidized antique silver plated setting*please note that we believe that wear and tearfrom years of use only adds to their charm*.our bracelets have a FLAT BACK and fewer keys for your wearing comfortthey are just the right weight to have a substantial feel but not be overbearingly heavy and uncomfortable~\u200bthis unique little piece of history for your wristmakes for a unusual conversation pieceand a wonderful giftchoose any 7 keys/letters/numbers/punctuationyour choice - all black, mix,or just leave it up to us(word keys CANNOT be included on a custom bracelet**please look at your keyboard**remember that symbol keys have numbers on them,and number keys have symbols on themalso...most typewriters do NOT have a 1(one) keyor an ! (exclamation pt) keysee picof keyboard before you order~lead time 1 week, vintage

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